TCM International
Training Service

To open the way for raditional Chinese edicineto go aboard TCM
International Training: Based on the EU botanical medicine
management system and quality standards, decompose each link
of the quality specifications and regulatory system from the
planting, production and marketing of raditional Chinese edicine to
the standard research, so that enterprises can systematically learn
the internationalization way of raditional Chinese edicine.

TCM International

To provide enterprises with EU traditional herbal medicinal
registration of TCM in Europe, quality certification, technical
consultation of quality standard research, on-site Q&A, feasibility
assessment, etc., in order to save time and economic cost for
enterprises on the road of internationalization.

EU herbal medicine  information research and consulting service
Clients served: Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

Case study on the successfully registered and entered into the
market of YamatoGast in Germany

Clients served: Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and
Technology Industrial Park of Co-operation between Guangdong
and Macao

TCM EU traditional herbal medicinal registration analysis service
Clients served: Lunan Pharmaceutical Group, Jiangsu Kanion
Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(SH600557), Wanbande Pharmaceutical

Technical advisory service for traditional herbal medicinal
registration of a product in EU

Clients served: Tasly Holding Group.Co.Ltd. (SH600535)

In Progress

Successful Cases