Certification of TCM


The quality of Chinese herbal medicine determines the efficacy of TCM. We
can't produce good Chinese patent medicines without good medicinalherbs.
Large-scale production can only guarantee the stability of medicines.
Therefore, the quality of TCM must be controlled from the origin, and the
whole process quality control should be carried out from planting, production
and marketing authorization of APIs , including KAIWU GACP certification, EU
GMP certification and CEP certification, so as to provide enterprises with the
whole process quality control solutions of TCM.


KAIWU GACP Certification

GACP(Good Agricultural and Collection Practices)refers to "Quality Management Regulations for Planting and Harvesting ". According to the EU planting and harvesting quality standards, the quality of TCM is controlled from the origin, and KAIWU GACP certificates are issued to the bases which have met the requirements of the EU GACP. The certificates are valid for five years and are reviewed annually.

Attaching great importance to the planting
quality of  Chinese herbal medicine , hoping to
improve the quality management level of the
base according to EU GACP;

● The planting and harvesting quality management standard of the
base has reached the EU standard and improve the quality
management level of the base.
● Controlling the quality of Chinese herbal medicine from the origin,
raising the price of herbal medicine and improving the economic
benefits of the base.
● Developing domestic and the EU customers with high quality
demand and increasing the output value of the base.
● Connecting to the high-quality supplier platform of Global Green
Chinese Herbal Medicinal Product Alliance of KAIWU.

Target Cooperators 
Planting bases must meet the following requirements:

Gain the KAIWU GACP certification and create
value for the base



There are sufficient professional planting
technicians who manage the cultivation of
medicinal herbs.

The management in the base is relatively standardized and the key cultivation techniques are recorded;

GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices) is the "Production Quality Management Standard". According to the EU Production Quality Management Standard, the quality and stability of products are guaranteed during the process of production. The EU GMP certificate is issued by the State Food and Drug Administration of the Member States and is generally valid for three years. As GMP certification is mutually recognized/shared among 27 EU member states, and at the same time testing results are shared with the United States, Japan, Australia and Canada, the global impact of EU GMP certification is growing.



EU GMP Certification

● Improving the level of production quality management and establish the core
competitiveness of enterprises.
● Endorsing the quality of products for enterprises to meet the EU production
quality standards.
● Developing new business scope as the overseas manufacturing facilities of EU
pharmaceutical company.


Creating value for enterprises through the internationally
recognized EUGMP certification

CEP(The European Pharmacopoeia and certificates of suitability), is an
independent quality evaluation procedure for APIs by the European Directorate
for the Quality of Medicine. The TCM which obtained CEP Certification (including
Chinese herbal drugs and extracts of TCM) can be exported as APIs and directly
used in the production of pharmaceutical preparations. The certificate is valid for
five years and is generally considered on a long-term effective after secondary




TCM CEP Certification

● The quality of products meets the highest internationally recognized standards
and establishes the core competitiveness.
● Increasing the price and sales of products and boosting market share.
● Developing international high quality customers and increasing economic
benefits of enterprises.

Obtaining The European Pharmacopoeia and certificates
of suitability (TCM CEP) to Create Value for Enterprises

Target Cooperator:
planting base, Decoction slice enterprise and Chinese
medicine production enterprise which attach importance to





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