The Whole Industry Chain Solution Supplier of
Traditional Chinese Medicine

KAIWU provides the following technical services for Chinese medicine enterprises

Scientific Research

Provide international scientific research services of
Traditional Chinese Medicine, including scientific
research of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
international quality standard research of Traditional
Chinese Medicine, etc;

Enhance the international status of Traditional
Chinese Medicine and promote the standardization
and internationalization of the traditional Chinese
Medicine quality.

Certification Consulting

Provide enterprises with the whole process quality
control solutions of TCM, including EU GACP
certification consultation, EU GMP certification
consultation and EU botanical Medicine CEP
certification consultation;

Improve the quality management level of enterprises
and promote the quality of Traditional Chinese
Medicine to meet EU standards.


Provide service of Chinese patent medicine that meet
the registration requirements can go for the
simplified registration procedure and can be free
from clinical practice in the EU;

The procedure and time of registration is greatly
shortened, and the cost of registration is significantly
reduced. Dr. Mei Wang in Kaiwu cooperates with
European technical experts to help Traditional
Chinese Medicine "go aboard" and realize the
internationalization of traditional Chinese Medicine.

Training and Consulting

Together with the European pharmacopoeia
commission, KAIWU invite domestic and overseas
scientists of Chinese medicine and herbal medicine to
provide systematic, professional and authoritative
international technical training for enterprises.

reduce the detour of enterprises' internationalization
and open the way for Traditional Chinese Medicine to
"go aboard".


International Registration