GACP Certification consultation

(Good Agricultural and Collection Practices)refers to
"Quality Management Regulations for Planting and
Harvesting ". According to the EU planting and harvesting
quality standards, the quality of TCM is controlled from the
origin to improve the quality management level of the base.

Provide high quality panax notoginseng Whole process quality management plan which including GACP
certification guidance for panax notoginseng planting base and the formulation of international standards for
panax notoginseng powder. On Oct 2019, Conduct GACP certification for panax notoginseng planting base

Customers served: Yunnan QIDAN Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd)(OC832955)

In Progress

EU GMP Certification consultation

(Good Manufacturing Practices) is the "Production Quality
Management Standard". The workshop meets the world's most
stringent EU-GMP standards, and GMP certification is mutually
recognized/shared among 27 EU member states, and at the same
time testing results are shared with the United States, Japan,
Australia and Canada, the global impact of EU GMP certification is

Successful Cases

Help Chengdu Di'ao Group, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical
Group and other enterprises to pass the EU GMP certification

Certification consultation

(The European Pharmacopoeia and certificates of suitability) ,
is an independent quality evaluation procedure for Active
Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) by the European Directorate for
the Quality of Medicine (EDQM). The TCM which obtained CEP
Certification can directly be used in the production of
pharmaceutical preparations.