Introduction of Kaiwu TCM

Kaiwu TCM is an innovative enterprise focusing on the scientific research
of traditional Chinese medicine. By cooperating with domestic and
overseas leading teams of Chinese medicine and herbal medicine
scientists, Kaiwu TCM devotes to the scientific research on quality control
and quality standard of the whole industry chain of traditional Chinese
medicine. Kaiwu TCM provides the whole chain services, such as R&D
innovation, overseas registration, marketing and operation of traditional
Chinese medicine products.  The goal is to help Chinese medicine
enterprises to enhance their international competitive advance and
provide the high-quality traditional Chinese medicine for the whole
mankind. Our European R&D Center is the first company in the world to
integrate systems biology methodology with traditional Chinese medicine
research, and provide comprehensive guidance for the registration of
traditional Chinese medicinal products in European Union countries.

As the scientific and technological core advantages, the chief scientist of
Kaiwu TCM Dr. Mei Wang has applied systems biology methodology to
conduct quality control research based on the bioactivity studies of
Chinese herbal medicines. The objectives are to promote the development
of Chinese herbal medicines based on scientific evidence and
standardization, and therefore to establish a solid foundation for the
development of precision medicine and the quality control standards of
traditional Chinese medicines.


The First CRO Enterprise of Traditional Chinese Medicine
in the World

Our chief scientist, Dr. Mei Wang, visited many power research and investment institutions in SZ

A full week's journey is fruitful.

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Detection of TCM

returning scholars. It has 31 laboratories and R&D
centers. It has established a unique scientific and
technological innovation incubation system, which
achieve interactive development in six sectors: R&D
platform, education and training, investment
incubation, innovation base, science and technology
finance and international cooperation, striving to
achieve win-win solution among research institutes,
enterprises and governments, and achieved good
social and economic benefits.



The Law of Nature · The Methodology of Science · Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine


Dr. Mei Wang obtained the Doctorate degree in Cell Biology and Genetics,Leiden
University; Postdoctoral of London Imperial Cancer Institute.

She is the Director of Leiden University-European Center for Chinese Medicine and
Natural compounds in Leiden University; Expert Member of the European
Pharmacopoeia Committee on Traditional Chinese Medicine; Scientific Director、
of Shenzhen Huakai R&D Center of Chinese Medicine and Natural Compounds;


Introduction of Chief Scientist

Dr . Mei Wang

Co-founder  I  Chief Scientist

Vice-Chairman of the Innovation Academic Committee on the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Board Member and Director of
education and scientific research of Dutch Society for Phytotherapy; and Scientific and Technological Adviser of Guangdong-Macao Traditional
Chinese Medicine Industrial Park.

Awards and Honors: In 2012, The first time successfully introduce Di'ao Xinxuekang capsule into the EU market as a Chinese medicine. She was the
reviewer of 16 international famous magazines, such as 《Planta medica》and《Journal of Ethanopharmacology》, as well as several important
international scientific research projects reviewer, such as the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, the United States-Israel Fund for Agricultural
Research and Development, the Italian International Science Fund and so on.

In December 2018, Mei Wang has been awarded the ‘Qihuang prize’. The prize is awarded by the Chinese Medicine Society in recognition of her
significant contribution to Chinese medicine outside China and to further stimulate her initiative and creativeness.


Introduction of Scientific experts

Doctoral degree in Phytochemistry (Natural Product Chemistry),
Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and Kyoritsu College of
Pharmacy,Japan. Postdoctoral researcher in Seoul National
University (South Korea), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(China), and Utrecht University (The Netherlands). Dr. Pengyue Sun
has worked at Phytogenix BV (herbal medicine technology
company), Cinmar Pharma BV and Kinesis Pharma BV
(pharmaceutical consulting company) as senior researcher, chief
technology officer and director of Department of herbal medicines,
respectively. He has a strong education background and extensive
knowledges in pharmacology, pharmaceutical quality control and
phytochemistry, and rich experiences in registration and
development of traditional herbal medicines in the EU. 


Dr. Pengyue Sun

Technical Director of European R&D Center

Doctoral degree in Biomedicine (metabolic disease in pre-clinical
research), Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and TNO
(Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research),
Committee member of European Chinese Biomedical and
Biopharmaceutical Federation. Dr. Wen Liang is specialized in
biochemistry, immunohistochemistry, qualitative and quantitative
analysis of histopathology (experimental animal and human
tissues), biomarker discovery, establishment and verification of
translational model, natural compounds and new drug
intervention studies. Dr. Wen Liang has an extensive knowledge
and experience in international (particular in Sino-EU) project
management, communication and coordination, EU registration of
traditional Chinese medicine, business development, customer
relationship and partnership management in the EU.


Project Director of European R&D Center

Dr. Wen Liang

深圳市开物成务中医药科技有限公司依托其欧洲研发中心,与莱顿大学-欧洲中医药与天然产物研究中心、莱顿大学生命科学院、剑桥大学、 牛津大学、 耶鲁大学、中国科学研究院、中国中医药科学研究院、澳门大学、浙江中医药大学、长春中医药大学以及中国多家科研院所建立了良好的长期合作关系,加强优势互补,增进学术研究水平。并与欧洲药典委员会、德国药典委员会、德国药品法典委员会、欧洲医药管理局等官方机构之间建立了良好的合作关系,搭建了国际化的技术合作交流平台。








     Company Headquarters

ADD. Suite 702, Block 4A, Shenzhen
Software Industrial Base, Nanshan District,
TEL. 0755-83253669

     European R&D Center

SU Biomedicine BV
ADD. Netherlands Leiden    TEL. +31-653229672

     China R&D Center

Shenzhen HuaKai R&D Center of Chinese
Medicine and Natural Compounds

ADD. Boya No.2 Building, Area A,Wutongshan Dawang
Cultural and Creative Industrial Park,No. 197, Kengbei
Village,Wutongshan, Luohu District, Shenzhen City The
P. R. China